October 8, 2023, Cancun

Combining Physical and Data-Driven Knowledge in Ubiquitous Computing

Ubicomp 2023 Workshop


With the proliferation of connected devices with advanced sensing, computing, and communication capabilities, ubiquitous computing systems have become prevalent nowadays. They have the potential to revolutionize various industries by enabling new applications and services (e.g., patient monitoring, personalized recommendations, traffic control, home energy management). However, in real-world ubiquitous computing systems, data collection can be expensive or impossible. Due to the limited quantity and quality of data available, pure data-driven methods may not perform well. A promising approach to overcome these limitations is to utilize physical knowledge, including domain knowledge from experts, heuristics based on experience, and analytic models of physical phenomena.


The theme of this workshop is to advance the theoretical understanding, algorithmic development and system implementations of ubiquitous computing systems that integrate physical knowledge with data-driven methods. The workshop will provide an inclusive gathering for researchers and practitioners from various fields and facilitate future collaborations. The overall goal is to grow the community who are dedicated to improving ubiquitous computing systems by fusing physical knowledge into data-driven methods. The workshop welcomes research papers as well as position papers.

  • The accepted paper will be published in the ACM Digital Library with the proceedings of UbiComp 2023.
  • The accepted papers may be selected for a fast-track submission to (1) Digital Signal Processing: A Review Journal; and (2) Intelligent and Converged Networks, with at least 30% contribution on novelty.
  • Topics of Interests

    Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:
    • - Innovations in learning algorithms that combine physical knowledge or models for sensor perception and understanding
    • - Experiences, challenges, analysis, and comparisons of sensor data in terms of its physical properties
    • - Sensor data processing to improve learning accuracy
    • - Machine learning and deep learning with physical knowledge on sensor data
    • - Mobile and pervasive systems that utilize physical knowledge to enhance data acquisition
    • - System services such as time and location estimation enhanced by additional physical knowledge
    • - Heterogeneous collaborative sensing based on physical rules
    • - Distributed sensing for cyber-physical systems
    • - Advanced machine learning algorithms and solutions for efficient sensing
    The application areas include but not limited to:
    • - Human-centric sensing
    • - Environmental and structural monitoring
    • - Smart cities
    • - Health, wellness and medical
    • - Smart energy systems
    • - Intelligent transportation networks

    Authors must cite and relate their submissions to relevant prior publications of their own. If applicable, ethical approval for experiments with human subjects should be demonstrated as part of the submission.

    Important Dates

    Submission Deadline: June 15, 2023 (AoE)

    Notification of acceptance: June 30, 2023

    Deadline of camera-ready papers: July 31, 2023

    Workshop: October 8, 2023

    Submission Guidelines

    Submissions can be made at PCS.

    Please submit short papers that are at most 5 single-spaced 8.5” x 11” pages, including figures and tables, but excluding references, two-column format, using 10-point type on 11-point (tight single-spaced) leading, with a maximum text block of 7” wide x 9” deep with an inter-column spacing of .25”. Submissions may include as many pages as needed for references.

    ACM Template can be found here.


    Workshop Chairs

    Yuanzhang Xiao University of Hawaii at Manoa

    Jie Xu University of Miami

    Advising Committee

    Workshop TPC Chairs

    Weiwei Jiang Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

    Amir H. Alavi University of Pittsburgh

    Technical Programm Committee

    Sicong Liu Xiamen University

    Susu Xu Stony Brook University

    Weixi Gu China Academy of Industrial Internet

    Shuai Wang Southeast University

    Yongpan Zou Shenzhen University

    Linqi Song City University of Hong Kong

    Wenbo Ding Tsinghua University

    Zhengxiong Li University of Colorado Denver

    Le Yang Xi’an Jiaotong University

    Hailu Xu California State University

    Yincheng Jin University at Buffalo

    Yu Yang Lehigh University

    Miao He Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications

    Tan Li City University of Hong Kong

    Weitao Xu City University of Hong Kong

    Ray E. Sheriff Edge Hill University

    Weiwei Jiang Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

    Amir H. Alavi University of Pittsburgh

    Jingao Xu Tsinghua University

    Man Zhou Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    Marzieh Khakifirooz Tecnológico de Monterrey

    Web Chairs

    Letian Zhang Middle Tennessee State University

    Publicity Chair



    The CPD 2023 workshop is part of Ubicomp 2023, which will be held at Cancun.